When the ‘Hot Seat’ is just ‘too darn hot’

In my last post, I omitted certain details of my assessment model as I felt that I was droning on, and on, and on…..  there is one aspect that I would like to share further though, so I’ve put it in a new post (I’m a teacher, I clearly can’t help droning on!) So, to alleviate any potential boredom, and as a wee thank you for all of the great feedback that I have had on the blog so far, I’ll open the post with a song:

‘Hot Seating’ has been, and still is, all the rage in teaching and has a variety of different approaches.  For good reason, as articulating your learning is an excellent way to evidence it.  If I can talk to a young person about how to approach a problem, then I know that they understand it by their responses, their confidence and other subtle cues that simply cannot be replicated with pencil and paper.  I have used this strategy effectively in my Flipped classroom, mainly due to the extra face to face time that I have with students to allow me to actually have a conversation!

It has been my intention during the entire process of preparing for ‘the test’ to try as much as possible to take the pressure off of the students so that they will perform better, and see taking a test as a part of the fuller assessment process and not ‘Judgement Day’ where they make or break their entire life with 12 questions of Mathematical hell!  The ‘Hot Seat’ in my case has been re-branded by my students as…the ‘Cool It’ seat!

Spot the geographically inaccurate Penguin!

Spot the geographically inaccurate Penguin!


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